Key for your unique world

When I was a little bit younger, I am thinking about what I have to do to be more successful. Once, when I was talking to my form-master at my secondary school, she said, I am unique, because I have a special connection with the others…

Some days earlier I read an article on the web about differentiation. In this writing the author presents two men who do his work in different ways. Yes, our keywords are: Different ways. Rich Horwath – the writer of the article – says that every people have to find the style, the strategy that makes you unique: you have own  strategic-thinking skills in order to be successful in your carrier, in your life.
There is thought that I have to quote from the essay:

Strategy is inherently about doing different things than the competition or doing the same things in different ways than the competition.

I absolutely agree with this statement because everybody think that life is a competition, but I think we have to know what our dream is and how can we get it. I think that this is The Strategy.

At the end of the article, there are five questions to help you discover your differentiation. The author says most of this questions are being asked by books and training programs works with strategy. These questions are the followings:

  1. What are the activities I perform that are truly different from those others perform?
  2. What are the similar activities I perform in different ways than others do?
  3. What characteristics or traits do I have that are unique to me?
  4. What resources do I have that are different from those of others?
  5. What is the primary differentiated value I bring to people in my life?

My daily routines are good examples for my differentiation. First, I have to do my most important things, after that, I can relax. But I can’t relax well, if I know that I have to do necessery ones. I think I have much more persistence than those around me. Sometimes I have downs, but I think, it’s a human trait. I feel that I have no extra-ordinary abilities. I am very simple from this view… 🙂


Key for your unique world” bejegyzéshez ozzászólás

  1. Excelent work Péter!

    Although from my point of view you have great potential in mass media and technology; be it social media or printed media. Persistence is what makes you better every single day and later master all those things that ordinary people don’t do, so that’s a great quality.

    Your enthusiasm and efforts are what in the future open doors for you 🙂 so never give up and never surrender!! 😀

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