I Will Always Love You…

“Never let her out of your sight. Never let your guard down. Never fall in love.”

Despite the fact that I’ve seen this movie more then ten times, I have to watch it again. Not because of the topicality, only I want to watch a film that contain a lot of emotion. If you read the quote above, you may know from the film The Bodyguard. An Oscar nominated romantic thriller film from Lawrence Kasdan (Star Wars trilogy), starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

The story is about Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston) who is an Oscar-nominated music superstar. From the beginnings she is being sent death threats. Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner) is a private professional bodyguard who protected Ronald Reagen e.g. before. He is hired by Rachel’s manager after a small bomb detonatied in the singer’s dressing room.
In the following, Rachel falls in love with Frank – naturally – but the man tries to keep the relationship professional. Due to his decision, Rachel started to be very stubborn, but after a creepy phone call, she realizes that she must put her trust in Frank ahead of her own desire for success.
As the result of the happenings, the whole Marron family travel to Frank’s father’s home, which is located in the mountains by a lake. During this time turns out a lot of things about the family, the death threats and the killer’s person. In spite of the danger, Rachel wants to take part on the Academy Awards because she is nominated for best actress.

I read that this movie was originally written for Steve McQueen and Diana Ross. In my opinion, Rachel’s character best fitted only for Whitney Houston, because there are a lot of things in the film that owned by her. Habits, gestures, problems about fame commemorate the famous singer. Beside this we have to note that this film was the acting debut of Houston. The movie’s soundtracks are also a connection to Whitney: its contains five hit singles such as “I Will Always Love You”, “I’m Every Woman”, “Queen of the Night”, and the two Oscar nominated songs “I Have Nothing” and “Run to You”.

Some of reviews received by The Bodyguard says negative judgment, but I think this is one of the movies you must see before you die.


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